Scott Travers trains Morgan horses and manages a large string of hunters, english pleasure, and classic pleasure show horses for a diverse clientele, ranging from jr. exhibitor and amateur adult riders, to breeders promoting their progeny. He has coached numerous students and trained countless horses to success in the show ring at the regional and national level. 

Scott has been an important part of a transition in the Morgan show horse world, that has elevated the hunter pleasure division to a level where it shares the same prestigious spotlight as the English Pleasure and Park divisions. Scott has been in the forefront of the reshaping of the Morgan hunter division as it has gained popularity. Scott believes, that the hunter pleasure division as it has evolved, has made the Morgan Show Horse more accessible to more people thus, further expanding the breed's already wide appeal.

Joanne Lawrence  trains and shows dressage horses  and coaches dressage riders, who have been successful, in winning local, regional and national awards. Her respect and appreciation for the process of classical dressage is evidenced by the correct, and systematic approach she takes toward the daily training of her horses and students.

Joanne is experienced with a diverse number of breeds, having trained warmbloods,  Fresians, Morgans, Throughbreds and Arabians. She believes that every horse can benefit from Dressage training. Together Scott and Joanne provide diverse and unique opportunities to their students.

Mike and Joan Travers work tirelessly to promote not only the farm but also the Equine industry as a whole, through their work on numerous boards and committees. 
Joan is responsible for the mountain of paper work associated with running a busy farm, while Mike helps out in almost every capacity from doing repairs around the farm to managing our Morgan breeding program.

Amanda Porto Ferreira 
We are happy to welcome Amanda on board as our newest Massachusetts state certified riding instructor. Amanda boasts world championship credentials and brings a positive energy to her dual rolls as both instructor and assistant trainer.